Terug 2 januari 2021

KVM Esports and Aethra Esports merge

KVM Esports and Aethra Esports merge

Come around kids and let me tell you a story about disappointment, persistence, hope and ambitions. Yes, this is a story about our refusal to back down from the Benelux League scene.


Darkest times

27-11-2020, on that faithful day Aethra got kicked out of Belgian League by the overlords of Meta.

But why?!’ Explained Boykuh in disbelief

Yet, poor little Boykuh would be shown the door, without ever knowing why his Aethra organisation wasn’t good enough.

He spent two years at the top of the Benelux, trying to elevate the scene to new heights, but alas it seemed all for naught.

After two years, who would even think of going back to the Open Tour scene? After all, Aethra was already in the process of finalising their League of Legends roster for the upcoming Belgian League split.

Not yet’ Muttered Boykuh to himself. ‘I AM NOT DONE YET’


A ray of hope

Boykuh may not be in the Belgian League anymore, but what he did have was an existing and well-running infrastructure. Everything was already in place, an almost finished League of Legends team, his great staff members and his four years of experience in esports management.

Aethra was run by dedicated and passionate people. Aethra was never an organisation, it was its people.

And thus, Boykuh began to contact various organisations who got a spot in the Belgian League.

He might not be able to run Aethra anymore, but he could run the esports division of a different org.

Several long meetings and phone calls later it was decided.

Aethra would merge with KVM esports in order to bring their esports division to new heights and to once again help promote Benelux esports.


Our staff team, who stays?

We would like to present to you the KVM Esports staff team for 2021:

Geoffrey: KVM Esports Manager

Boykuh: Head of Gaming

Adam: Assistant Manager

Naniinaa: Operations manager

Frieslander: Branding manager

Frey: League of Legends Academy manager

Boohon: Meme consultant


We bid our goodbyes to:

Lance: Head of Rainbow Six: Siege

Yillan: Assistant Coach

Arendmen: Performance Coach

Limpix: Head Coach


What’s next?

What is next indeed. All I can say is that we have great plans for 2021. Everything is in place to create something truly special and unique.

We from ex-Aethra and KVM esports wish you a happy new year and look forward to what we will be bringing you in 2021.

Who knows, I might just leak our Belgian League Roster now

‘Wait Ramon no, I’m not done ye…’


Article written by: Boo Hon Huynh